Why The Classic Gold Bangles are the Perfect Accessory

Bangles are a symbol of grace and beauty. Bangles are universal fashion accessories. Bangles have been worn by young women throughout history, starting with the bronze statuette depicting the Mohenjo-Daro dancing girl. There are many options for bangles in a variety of metals, colors, and shapes. There are many options for bangles. But gold bangles will always be a favorite of Indians.

A gold bangle can be worn elegantly on a wrist or tucked in a bulky, elbow-encroaching stack. These bangles have been an essential accessory for the summer, especially during the hot summer months.

This summer’s events may be different from years past. There are fewer weddings, and there are more socially-distanced parties, but this change in pace will only serve to increase the versatility of this versatile accessory. Many of us are choosing not to waste our time on the things we love most at a time when so much is up for review. No more high heels or adorned necklines. These are gone in favor of flowing cotton gowns, summer flats, and simple jewelry that can be worn from day to night.

The gold bangle is the perfect choice for this summer’s minimalistic look. These bracelets are timeless and can be worn in any setting where flashier jewelry might suddenly seem a bit too flashy.

Aurelie Bidermann is a jewelry designer whose exquisitely-crafted bohemian pieces were inspired by nature. “I always wear my nine personalized bracelets that I never take off,” she says. They are very important to me as I engraved personal information on them, such as the name of my daughter, my lucky charms, and my lucky numbers. They are my armor!

The best stacks blend old and new, mixing stones, shapes, and textures to express your individual style. You don’t have to be a collector expert or just starting out, and you can slip one on and see the light.

The Classics

Without mentioning Cartier’s Love bracelet, it’s impossible to talk about gold bangles. The bracelet was introduced in 1970, inspired by medieval chastity bands, and requires a special screwdriver to be put on or taken off.

Traditional Significance

The damsels of ancient times loved gold bangles. We have already mentioned that the Mohenjo-Daro figurine depicting a dancing girl is shown wearing a full arm of bangles.

Brahmapuri and Taxila sites have also been found with bangles, which indicates that our culture was intertwined from the beginning with these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Bangles are worn by Statues Of Gods and Goddesses in temples. This demonstrates that bangles were once a sign of prominence and stature.

Fashion Statement

Bangles are a classic fashion accessory that adds a feminine touch to the delicate wrists and wrists of women. Bangles are a great accessory to complement the traditional look. Indian women have always loved gold bangles and are fond of dressing in them in the most elegant way.

These bangles, which are remnants of our rich cultural history, are always in high demand. They are available in a variety of beautiful designs that enhance the beauty and function of the limbs. They are also beautiful statements. You can buy gold bangles for 18 or 22 karats. Although bangles are usually worn in pairs, you can also wear them solo if you don’t want to go for the traditional look. The great Indian wedding is incomplete without gold bangles. There are many options for Indian brides to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Traditional Bengali bangles

The color scheme of your outfit and accessories should be reflected in your bracelet choice. Your bracelet should not stand out unless you’re going for a bold statement bracelet. You should not wear more than one bracelet. Although both silver and gold bracelets are beautiful on their own, wearing them together can lead to a messy look.

Cut bangles

Another design that is popular in antique bangles is cut bangles. The bangles are designed, so they are half-cut. This reduces the amount of gold required. One bangle can be used for multiple arm sizes. The cut allows you to customize the bangle. These bangles can be used daily and are cheaper than regular bangles.

Kerala Palakkad bangle

The Kerala Palakkad Bangle is a traditional Kerala jewelry design. Palakkad designs may include emeralds and rubies adorned in gold. These pieces of ethnic jewelry look best when paired with matching Palakkad chains. Palakkad bangles can be used for weddings and celebrations and stand out from the crowd. This design is a reminder of our rich past and radiates grandeur. Palakkad bangles can be worn by all ages of women and are synonymous with elegance.

Mantasha Bangles

Mantasha bracelets are made with precious stones. Mantasha bangles are traditionally studded with genuine pearls and stones. This means that they can be quite expensive. These bangles have won many hearts and are often worn at festivals and other ceremonies.

India is rich in tradition and has many bangle designs. Bangles in gold and silver are integral to Indian wedding ceremonies. Bangles have evolved over time from traditional wear to fashionable fashion items. Hollywood star Rachel McAdams was spotted wearing Amrapali rose-cut diamond bangles during the Cannes festival 2011. This is a testament to the popularity of our bangles. Bangles are a constant part of the wrists and hearts of our damsels. Bangles are a great choice for wedding gifts and can be used in many traditional ceremonies.



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