The Complete Guide To Choosing Gold Pendant Necklaces

The neckline is the most sensuous area of a woman’s body. They choose stunning and bold pieces such as Necklaces to highlight their beauty. To achieve the look you desire, choose pendants and necklaces that compliment your style and neckline.

Necklaces, pendants, and other types of neck jewelry that complement the appearance of women are worth special attention.

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You can call pendants an “independent” decorative element. They don’t need to match a ring, earrings, or ring, but you must follow the same rules for pearls and diamonds. This type of jewelry makes a great gift because it is easy to choose from. You only need to know the style preference of the person you are giving it to.

You should pay close attention to details when choosing a necklace or pendant. This will ensure that they are both stylish and a good investment. This guide was created by me to assist you in this task. This page contains information about:

  • What necklaces and pendants are available
  • Which necklaces and pendants are best for different people.
  • How to select a chain for your pendant

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First Steps

Pendants and necklaces can be worn alone, but you will still need a necklace, string, or chain to hold them. Jewelers recommend that you start by choosing a pendant before purchasing a chain. These are the points to consider if you already own a necklace or chain that can be used to attach the pendant.

  1. The pendant should not weigh more than the chain. The correlation should be no greater than 1:1. If you don’t follow this rule, your chain could become worn and damaged. You’ll lose your jewelry.
  2. The pendant’s color should match that of the chain. A pendant made of white gold should be worn with a silver, white, or platinum chain.
  3. The pendant should not be distracted by the chain. Simpler chains are better.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to the clamp on the pendant. It should be large enough to pass a necklace, a strip, or a chain through.

Styles For Chains

There are many types of chains. They all have different styles. The style (the method of netting) determines the type of chain. The feature determines the weight and strength of the chain. Which style should you choose? The chains are more affordable and can be bent in many directions. These chains are strong and can be used to hold pendants of different weights. Flat chains are not recommended for pendants.

What Length Should A Necklace Have?    

Another important consideration when choosing a necklace is the length. A necklace that is the right length will highlight your beauty and shape. The length of the necklace should be chosen based on the following parameters: the height of the wearer and the shape and size of their necks. Let’s not forget to be conscientious.

Necklace lengths can vary from 10 to 48 inches. These sizes are usually broken down into two types: long and short.

  • Short necklaces, 10-24 in’
  • Long necklaces, 25 in. to…

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For different pendants, short necklaces between 18 and 22 inches are the best. This combination is perfect if you choose a small diamond pendant and a thin 18-inch chain. This combination is a wonderful choice for women. A 16-inch long string of pearl beads will match any evening gown. Pearls make great wedding and birthday gifts. Pearls are a great way to enhance the classic look.

Choose the shortest necklace (from 10-14 in’). In this instance, it is a good idea to measure your neck before you start. Measure the length of your neck with a piece of tape. Wrap it around your neck but don’t squeeze too hard. With a ruler, measure the length. You have 13 inches. Add 2 inches. Add 2 in’.

Long necklaces are not compatible with small pendants. Necklaces up to 28 inches long can be worn in a simple fashion or folded two or three times. This makes them shorter and more volume. The long necklace gives the owner freedom to experiment with style and imagination.

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The Length Of The Necklace Is Determined By How Tall You Are

Consider your height when choosing a necklace. A very long necklace can make short women look shorter. Conversely, a short necklace may be too short for tall women.

Find Out The Strengths Of Your Chain.

If you are looking for everyday wear, then the first question to ask is:

Which is the strongest chain?

The strongest chains are made of LINKS, like cable, figaro, anchor, and other types of chain. These chains are strongest because of the following:

  • Each link is soldered separately.
  • They can be made stronger and more durable but still have the flexibility of a rope chain.
  • They do not have a bend point, which means that they can withstand any type of activity, such as twisting, folding, or knotting.
  • If a link is broken, it can be replaced or reattached.

This will only be applicable to high-quality metal. Jewelry made from substandard metal will eventually deteriorate, regardless of its design.

How can you tell the difference between the great and the bad?

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What Material? Solid Gold Or A Hollow Gold Chain?

A gold chain can be made from three types of materials: solid gold, gold filled, or gold plated.

These are the keywords.

For more information, see our complete guide to gold. This is a quick overview:

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Solid Chains

  • Solid gold – This doesn’t mean the chain is 100% pure gold (24 Karats). It could be 22K, 18K, and 14K. The best combination of strength and beauty is 18 and 14 Karat gold. A weaker chain will result from a higher gold karatage, while a lower karatage will produce chains with poorer gold color.
  • Gold Filled – Also known as rolled gold, this metal is created by bonding gold sheets onto a base metal.
  • Gold plating – This is when the non-gold alloy is submerged in molten metal to form the gold coating. This is a poor form of golden chains because it only contains the base metal’s coating. This is a less expensive option, but it’s more temperamental as it requires much more care and maintenance to keep its beauty intact.

Hollow Gold Chains

Hollow-gold chains made of gold have a hollow space in them, much like a tube. This is done to reduce the amount of gold that goes into the chain.

A hollow 14K-gold chain is still a gold chain, but it has less gold than a solid one. These chains can easily kink, dent or break.

A solid chain is the best option. However, a hollow-chain gold chain will still have more value than a gold-plated or filled piece.

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Assess The Quality Of Your Gold

Gold is very popular, so there will always be people trying to trick you with fakes. There are five simple ways to tell if a chain of gold is genuine or fake.

  • A hallmark is a small engraving on the surface or a part of a piece of jewelry made of gold.
  • Porcelain test: Rub the material against an unglazed porcelain tile to determine if it is genuine or fake.
  • Magnetic – This is another easy test that you can use to determine if the product has magnetism. However, scammers may also use other non-magnetic materials like copper, aluminum, and lead.
  • Acid Test – This can be done with hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, or sulphuric acids.
  • Appraisal This is the best way to verify the authenticity of your gold chains.

Know Your Style

It is important to understand your style before you can choose your chain.

A thin, elegant chain is the best choice. An even larger, more striking chain can be worn by anyone.



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