Rose Gold Necklace: How To Find The Ideal One For You And Different Chain Types

Rose gold has emerged as the most popular color for–well–everything. Rose gold’s romantic Midas Touch and blushing beauty have made rose gold a popular choice for everything, from our lips to our smartphones. Rose gold is still the most sophisticated and chic of all metallics, even hair colors!

In 19th-century Russia rose gold was first discovered. It was created by mixing yellow gold with copper to create a unique blushing shade that exudes innocence and romance. Rose gold was used in many of Faberge’s creations. The metal became very popular during the Victorian period. Rose gold is back in fashion for setting and banding wedding rings and engagement rings. Rose gold can also be used as the dominant material for earrings, pendants, and diamond bracelets. Rose gold is unique because of its warm color. It looks great with all skin tones. Are you ready to see the world through rose-gold-tinted glasses? These style tips will help you choose jewelry made from the most fashionable rosy metal:

Which Type Of Gold Chain Do You Want?

You can choose between real gold and gold-plated. We recommend purchasing a genuine gold chain.

It is generally cheaper to have gold-plated jewelry, so it can be an acceptable option. But, gold-plated jewelry cannot be considered real gold. Although it may look great at first, it is susceptible to wear, tarnish, and rust. You will eventually need to pay for a re-plating of your gold chain.

Real gold (10k or more) is far more durable and is a better choice for everyday wear. Gold-plated chains have a lower resale price. You can always sell real gold for at least its scrap price. It is a fashionable piece of jewelry and an investment that can increase in value.

There are also hollow and solid chains. Although hollow chains are cheaper and lighter, they are less durable and are more susceptible to being dented. It can be difficult to repair a broken chain. In most cases, it is best to buy sold chains.

Rose Gold Metal And Rose Gold Color

Rose gold can be described as an alloy or mixture of pure 24K yellow gold and copper with silver. 24K gold is the base of all gold colors and qualities. It is not soft enough to make jewelry in its original state. To make it durable, it must be mixed with other metals. To achieve the various colored metals, different alloys can be used with different metals. These include white gold, yellow, gold, and rose gold.

The ratio of copper to yellow gold will determine the color depth in rose gold. The result will be more reddish-rose color if there is less yellow gold and greater copper. Due to the greater amount of yellow gold in 18K, 14K rose is more rose pink than 18K rose. The modern formula for 18k Rose Gold is 75% gold, 21% copper, and 4% sterling. This combination will produce a soft champagne rose color. For 14K rose gold, however, the copper-silver content will be higher. This makes the metal appear more reddish or lush red.

Rose Gold’s History

Rose gold first made its way to Russia in the early 19th century when Carl Faberge, a famous jeweler, incorporated copper-infused metal into his Faberge Eggs designs. The metal was then known as “Russian Gold.” The metal was eventually renamed ‘Rose Gold’ and became popular in other parts of the globe. It was used as fine jewelry. In the Victorian Era, jewel artisans across the world began to reproduce the metal in their designs. This was in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Rose gold was no longer in fashion. Instead, the luxury platinum and white gold were the most popular metals starting around 1910 through the 1930s.

It wasn’t until the 1940s and World War II that platinum became an essential metal for military purposes. This made rose gold more accessible. During this time, many countries restricted or stopped using platinum for commercial purposes. This encouraged a new wave of popularity for rose gold and gold jewelry. Rose gold has been a popular choice for jewelry designers since then and is still in fashion for a brief time.

This pinkish metal’s popularity has diminished over the past decades. Rose gold has been a popular choice for brides in recent years.

The Popularity Of Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is a romantic and subtle color that can be used in jewelry to complement all neutrals and frilly shades. Rose gold is universally flattering, regardless of your undertone or shade. Rose gold is a trendy and dreamy color that can be used to create elegant and beautiful fine jewelry, including engagement rings. This color is very popular among women and will not go out of fashion anytime soon. Rose gold can make any gem look amazing, not just diamonds. This pinkish metal of glamor is great for gemstones such as Moonstone, Morganite, and Fire Opal.

It’s a calm color that can look glamorous and luxurious without appearing as blasphemous as high-karat yellow. It is a happy medium between white gold’s modern and traditional appeal and yellow gold’s classic and timeless feel. It is an alternative to yellow gold for people looking for something new and exciting. Retailers and jewelers love rose gold’s romantic appeal. They use names such as blush, pink, and not forgetting rose to describe their products, which capture customers’ emotions on a whole new level.

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These Are The Most Well-Known Types Of Gold Chains.

Bead chain

A bead chain, also known as a ball chain, is a small chain made up of small sheets of metal balls that are connected by wires. Each ball has two small holes at the ends. These holes can accept a small length of wire and a rivet at its end. The wire is then hooked to the ball’s inner wall. This complex design is very strong for its lightweight. For women, gold chains are usually lighter and more comfortable to wear. An excellent choice for everyday wear is a ball chain necklace.

Cable chain

The most popular chain style in jewelry is the Classic Cable chain. Cable chains are made up of identical oval or round links. The links can be either flattened or round and interlocked together. Cable chains are made up of identical-sized links that are interlocked one after the other. Cable necklaces can be used to make a charm bracelet or pendant necklace.

Herringbone chain

A Herringbone is a flat-style chain with a woven texture. This sleek design can be found in many fabrics, patterns, and jewelry. The flat face has parallel laying slants that create a light-catching effect. The herringbone necklace is intricate and should be kept in a well-ventilated place to prevent kinks. This style is sometimes called a snake-chain necklace and has recently been reintroduced to fashion.

Cuban link chain

You can make a Cuban chain from almost any metal. The Cuban Link Chain, also known as the Miami Cuban Link Chain, is a popular men’s fashion. This is an alternative to the classic cable link chain that has oval links interconnected in a rope pattern. The style is becoming more popular in feminine jewelry. For a more masculine look, women can wear gold chains for men. A Cuban Link Necklace is a great way to get the “boyfriend” look with your jewelry.

Curb chain

A Curb chain, sometimes confused with the Cuban chains, is a very similar style to the Cuban one but has a much flatter profile and is thinner. The Curb chain is unique because the links are interlocking when laid flat. When worn as a Curb Chain Necklace, this configuration looks great against the neckline. Because of its unique interlocking pattern and lightweight, this necklace is great for women.

Rope chain

A rope chain is a necklace, bracelet, or necklace made up of small links that mimic the rope’s shape. The Hip-Hop community and the Golden Age of Rap groups popularized the rope chain. The rope chain is a versatile style that is very popular. It is one of the strongest, most durable, and most interesting of all chains. Even thinner rope chains can withstand high pressure and are very strong. These chains are great for layering or adding charms.

Figaro chain

Figaro’s chain design consists of two or three small circular links, followed by an oval-shaped elongated link. Most of the most famous chains are made in Italy. They have been worn often by men over the years. The Figaro chain often features cross pendants and personalized medallions. The Figaro chain is similar to curb chains in that the links are worn flat against each other, creating a sleek look.

Box chain

Some other names for Box Chains include square link chains or briolette, Venetian chains, and Venetian chains. The round wire used to make the links is flattened into a box shape, then interlinked. The appearance of small box chains is sophisticated and smooth. Men typically wear larger box chain necklaces that are longer and more chunky.

Anchor chain

An anchor chain is a unique type of chain. It is heavy and strong. It is a great choice for both men and jewelry. You can have the chain links rounded like a cable chain or flattened like curb chains. This design is simple and resists pulling or stretching.

How Do You Choose The Right Length Necklace For Your Neckline?

You can try different lengths of chains to find the right length for your neckline. Ask to be matched in different lengths at a jewelry shop. A 16″ or 18″ length chain is ideal for smaller frames. A 20″ or 22-inch chain may be the best for larger frames and necks. Men prefer a longer chain because they have wider chests and thicker necks.

The length of your necklaces will also depend on whether you want to layer them. A tangy mess will result if you have multiple necklaces that are the same length. For a cascading look, it is best to leave at most 1″ and preferably 2″ between the pieces you want to layer. A choker necklace can be layered with standard lengths to create a beautiful look.

You can also test the lengths at your home if you are unable to make it to a jewel shop. You will need a piece of string and a ruler. With a ruler, measure your string lengths on a flat surface. To get the best fit, it is cut at different lengths. This will simplify your search for a golden chain.

Things To Consider Before You Buy Rose Gold Necklace

Similar to purchasing yellow gold, there are some things you should keep in mind when buying rose gold.

  • Hallmark is the best way to determine the karat of rose gold jewelry pieces. There is no pure rose gold, as rose gold is alloy metal. If the rose gold jewelry is marked 24K, it’s likely that it’s fake. Rose gold jewelry comes in two most popular finenesses, 14K or 18K. The latter is the most sought-after. You can also check the current price per gram of yellow gold, which is almost identical to that for rose gold.
  • The rose gold you receive in deep reddish-pink is indicative of higher copper content. You can also say that the higher the rose gold’s karat weight, either the lighter or, the softer shade of pink, the more it will contain. If your piece of jewelry shows an 18K stamp but appears to be deep pink, it may not be real or of 18K purity.
  • A magnet test is an easy way to test whether your rose gold jewelry is authentic. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is. If your rose gold jewelry is attracted by any magnet, it is most likely fake.
  • Pre-owned or vintage rose gold jewelry such as rose gold rings and chains should be checked for visible discolorations. You may find another color beneath the jewelry, which could indicate that it is gold-plated or an imitation of a rose. It is recommended that you only purchase rose gold jewelry with a BIS hallmark and from trusted jewelers to avoid forgery.



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