How to Purchase Gold Bangles

Of all the available jewelry pieces, bangles have a distinct spot in the heart of every woman. It is common for us to be involved in numerous ways that bring back memories of the bangles we wore in our childhood. Bangles are a fashion accessory that has a lasting impact on the outfit and event. From the various types of bangles available that are popular and memorable are everyday wear the gold-plated bangles. These are the ones that we played with as children and wore. We purchase gold jewelry so that we can wear it every day and for any occasion. Through the years we have been fascinated by the precious yellow gold, and there isn’t a better alternative for this. Rose gold and white gold are also utilized however, only a tiny part of people who use yellow gold changed to them. There is also an increasing demand for minimalist designs recently; this is the demand of the young generation. These minimalist designs are created in 18K gold to give you that much-needed glamor appearance.

Simple and straightforward designs are now the norm of the hour, and they’re popular among the older generation and millennials alike. Bangles with a plain design are great with any outfit that is traditional, fusion and western as well. There are a variety of bangles through Vaibhav Jewellers. There are a variety of gold bangles available at reasonable prices and are fantastic additions to your jewelry box or for gifts of quality to special individuals. Gold bangles, in the end, can be excellent gifting choices for those you truly love, like family members or friends. Giving someone gold is a sure sign of the highest level of warmth, love, and respect, as gold is considered to be a prized gift that is not a typical gift idea. Bangles can be a better option for this reason; once you have a rough idea of the size and weight, you’ll need to give the person you are gifting to. Additionally, you can slowly build your own assortment of gold-plated bangles over time.

Bangles aren’t just thought of as items of jewelry to Indian women. They also have the traditional meaning of emotions associated with them. Wedding-day brides have been sporting this gorgeous wrist jewelry for years and have taken their designs to a new level until now. In contrast to other styles, the classic gold bangles are the most popular choice for families, whether for wedding ceremonies or jewelry for the family heirloom. Bangles made of gold today are offered in a range of styles, designs, and kinds, and women aren’t choosing the traditional round shapes either. However, in a nation where gold is an investment as well as a part of the tradition, how do you make certain that you are buying the most desirable gold bangles for yourself! In this guide, we’ve outlined the points you should know before purchasing expensive gold bangles for daily use or giving to your daughter on her wedding day.

Select the type

The next step is to choose the kind of bangles that you’d like to purchase and what style you want to purchase. Bangles made of gold come in a range of materials. For instance, gold bangles with diamonds are adorned with gems such as rubies, emeralds, or pearls. Gold bangles that have both gemstones and diamonds and simple gold bangles. Simple gold bangles are perfect for everyday wear, especially if you plan to wear them every day, like chains made of gold. Elegant pieces that include gems and diamonds make ideal for events and parties.

Simple styles made of gold-plated bangles with glistening gemstones or diamonds make the perfect accessory for casual or formal attire. They are great with dresses, jeans as well as jumpsuits, blazers and dresses. The minimalist styles typically function as bracelets when combined by watches and worn with western attire. Additionally, there are many different styles aside from the traditional round. You can choose a different geometric shape or an oval bangle or opt for open-top or cuff designs. There are gold bangles with an opening mechanism or cuffs that can be adjusted in accordance with the size of your wrist. The latest designs include half bangles in bracelet designs that take the traditional bangle style to a new level.

Choose the Style

Once you’ve decided on a look, select the one you’d like to wear on different occasions. When choosing a style, be aware of the goal of the gold bangle purchase. Think about why you are purchasing the gold-plated bangle? Do you want it to be used for everyday use or for occasional wear? Do you plan to wear it to work or even go out with family or friends! Select the right design for the event. If you are looking to purchase an elegant gold bangle to match your lehenga to wear for a friend’s wedding, choose elaborate ones that feature diamonds or gems.

If you intend to wear them often, choose a simple and elegant design in plain gold. You can pick different gold colors such as white or rose gold if you don’t wish to purchase yellow gold. If you are in need of some stylish bangles to show off at parties and office gatherings, choose stylish but straightforward gold bangles that reflect the latest fashion trends. These bangles are open top and fun to wear without having to worry about the dimensions.

Gold bangles are available in a myriad of bangles that are classified as follows:

  1. One bangle
  2. Bangles for office wear
  3. Bangles for daily wear
  4. Bracelet-style Bangle
  5. Diamond Bangles
  6. Adjustable bangles
  7. Wear it for special occasions
  8. Bangles with gemstones
  9. Kada

Verify the purity of the gold.

In addition to the other aspects you should consider before purchasing gold bangles at a store or on the internet, the most important one is its quality. Gold is what we’re discussing, and so you’d want to buy the finest gold for the most affordable price, wouldn’t you! The first step is to examine the current rate of gold that day that you plan to purchase. It is best to know the gold rate in order to verify the authenticity of the price of your gold jewelry. You can then check the quality of your gold bracelets. They’re usually made from pure gold or gold plated, and you can inquire about this too. Bangles can’t be made of 24 karat gold as it’s too soft and malleable. Also, anything less than 14 karats may cause irritation on the skin as they’re mixed with alloys. The 14K Gold is 58.3 percent pure gold, and the remainder is composed of alloys that are typically made up of silver, copper-zinc, nickel, or iron. These metals could end up allergic reactions to the skin when worn for an extended period of time. Bangles made of gold with 14K or less may wear off quickly with time.

You can opt for 14K gold bangles when you intend to wear them regularly to parties or for occasions. The most suitable options for everyday wear gold bangles are 18K or 22K. 18. Karat gold bangles have a purity of 75% gold, which means they have more gold content than 14K, and, therefore won’t cause irritation to skin. Gold bangles in 22K are the ideal choice , with the highest purity gold content. They are great for everyday wear as well as wear on many occasions, whether at weddings or other occasions, without concern about any skin reactions. It is recommended to select your bangles carefully and in accordance with your use plans. Be sure to look to see your BIS Hallmark to verify the authenticity of your Bangles. Usually, it’s located on the inside of the bracelet.

A Few More Tips

In addition to the points mentioned in the previous paragraphs, we offer some other suggestions to remember prior to purchasing gold bracelets.

It is advised to purchase bangles that are slightly more (1/2 or 3/4 inch) than your wrist’s width, and this will make it less difficult to wear the bangles.

If you’re shopping online and you are unsure of the size, opt for the ones with an open top. They can be adjusted and come in sizes that are free.

If you plan to purchase diamond bangles to wear on a regular basis, ensure that the diamonds you purchase are of better quality and a higher grade. Select a setting that’s sturdy and not overly complicated.

When choosing bangles and metal colors, bear your mind in the present that beautiful designs will get more attention; however, the color should match your skin tone.

When you purchase gold bangles, be sure to buy a suitable storage box to store the same. A soft and good quality box can keep the Bangles secure from any damage.



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