How To Choose The Best Gold Watch For Men?

The opinions on gold watches are divided, and for a good reason. They are a bit gauche, they seem. Many people who own them are more concerned with style than their bank balance. The gold watch is synonymous with 1980s Wall Street yuppies. Patrick Bateman owned one. Donald Trump has many. Today, the trend is maintained by oligarchs and Gulf State royalty, as well as the rich kids of Instagram (and yes, Donald Trump).

Either yuppie style is making a comeback, or the world is beginning to reassess gold timepieces. Rolex and Cartier have brought back big-strung pieces just as watch brands started to favor subtler designs with smaller dials.

After a few years of focusing on smaller watches, many brands presented bold, yellow-gold pieces at this Year’s Baselworld,” Erica Redgrave (buyer, luxury watch retailer Bucherer) says. “The best pieces were simpler and more detailed than diamond-encrusted bezels. This is a relief for anyone who doesn’t share Mr. T’s love of accessories.

However, those American Psycho feelings are difficult to shake so be cautious. Terry Markham, Head of purchasing at, says that the biggest mistake is choosing the wrong tone for gold. This is especially true when it comes to matching jewelry and accessories. Too yellow can make your outfit look sloppy and unprofessional. Paler tones can also be distracting on the wrist. The solution is to find a golden hue that sparkles but doesn’t look like a Las Vegas casino sign. Steel is the king of modern watches. All of the most sought-after luxury watches are made from stainless steel, including the Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and the Rolex Daytona. There is still a place for gold watches in modern collections, despite the rise in the popularity of steel. There are many options for gold watches, and they’re not just limited to dress watches. You can buy a gold chronograph, diver, or digital watch. It’s sure to look amazing if you choose one from our guide.

We looked at a variety of gold-colored watches in varying price points, colors, and materials to determine the best gold watches. Some are more traditional than others, while others are more modern, and some even reinvent old models. They all add some flash and glamor to your wardrobe, regardless of whether they cost $189, $79,000, or both (yes, there are watches at both price points). Take a look at these best gold watches for men, and then take a break.

What Types Of Gold Watches Are There?

All that glitters is not gold; you know this. This is especially true when it comes to watches. It is possible to get a timepiece with a solid-gold case, but it will likely cost more than a car. However, there are other options.

Physical vapor deposition, also known as PVD, is the process by which the desired material is vaporized. The watch’s base is then covered with the vaporized material. This combines two materials for a stronger finish.

Gold plating is another option. This simply adds a thin layer to another metal. Although it may look like real gold, it is more vulnerable to scratches, aging, and general wear and tear.

Markham recommends a PVD coating: “It lasts more, and it is harder to wear than simple golden-coloured watches.” Modern electroplating techniques have made it easier to protect the watch from flaking or peeling.

Consider These Things When Selecting A Gold Watch.

Size Of The Watch

Watchmakers have begun to make smaller watches for men in recent years. It all depends on your preferences. Some people prefer large watches. Some prefer smaller watches. You can find a smaller watch that fits your personal style if you don’t want a large piece. Large watches are popular with men because they look great on the wrists. It is easy to match your style with the watch’s size.


Watches can be expensive depending on the type of gold you choose. Men’s watches are perfect with finesse, but they can be expensive. Even the most expensive watches are not always pocket-friendly. Money is not an issue if you are certain that you want a high-quality watch. You want to buy a watch that is affordable. As long as you are able to use it for many years, you can save money for your dream watch.

Types Of Gold

One thing to remember when looking at gold watches is that not all watches made of gold are the same. You can get a variety of levels of gold in a watch with a gold color, which can make it confusing. We’ve listed the differences below.

Gold-Tone: This terminology is used on lower-priced, gold-colored watches. It means that the material has either no gold in its composition or that it contains less gold than is required for other classifications such as gold plated. These watches are often more affordable due to the absence of actual gold.

Gold Plated: Modern watches are not often made with traditional gold plating, but it is still common to see them. This is achieved by applying a thin layer of gold to a metal base (typical steel for watches). It gives the appearance of having gold without using much material. Because of its thinness and softness, gold plating is not easy to remove. This is why it’s so rare in watches.

Gold PVD: Physical vapor deposition (or PVD) is a newer process that has replaced gold plating in watches. This is a complex process that involves the vaporization of gold in a vacuum and then bonding it to a base material (typically steel) at the atomic level. Because the base material is bound to the gold, PVD coatings can be much harder to remove than traditional gold plating.

Solid Gold: Solid gold is the most classic gold watch material and one that some purists should consider. These are watch cases and bracelets made from solid gold without any base material. For added durability, solid gold watches can be found in an 18K alloy. They are more delicate than stainless. Because gold is so expensive, it can often cost thousands of dollars more.


The straps are just as important as the watches. It can be annoying to have metallic parts. You want something that won’t bother you and will stay on your wrist for hours. You can find leather straps that are comfortable for your wrists. This is something that many people don’t consider when purchasing a watch. A leather strap watch is more stylish than a white gold watch, which can be bulky. Georg Jensen watches are made from cool calfskin. Calf leather feels soft and gentle on the skin.


A watch must be durable. Watches are prone to deteriorate over time. An original watch can be passed on to your family members when purchased online. These watches last longer and can be used for a long time.

How To Wear A Gold Watch

It’s much easier to style your gold watch than you think. Although the majority of people believe that Submariners are best worn in boardrooms, gold watches can be worn off-duty as long as your outfit is not too flashy.

White tees and simple bombers are great options, and Monochrome looks are a great way to showcase shimmering colors. Although it may seem tempting to pair your newfound arm power with an Armani suit and shearling jacket (worn above the shoulders naturally), you will be a more attention-seeking fashion blogger than Gordon Gekko.


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