How To Choose The Best Gold Chains For Men

Are gold chains good for men? You better believe it. Over the years, guys have adopted all sorts of jewelry with gusto. Rocking pearls, beads, and non-precious gems like their moms let them free in Claire’s accessories section.

The simple gold chain is still the best piece of jewelry. These types of necklaces are loved by men such as Tony Soprano, a man who wore his necklace with a gold pendant while smoking cigars in the New Jersey pool. Michael Jordan wore a pair of curb chain necklaces during his flight in 1987. His Airness paired them with one single diamond cut earring at times.

What is the appeal of the golden chain? First, gold is just one step above sterling silver and in a different league than stainless. You can add instant swagger to summer outfits with the right gold chain but without looking like a Miami promoter trying to sell off dubiously-sourced uppers.

Best of all, there are almost endless options. Do you want white gold or rose gold? Do you prefer a long, chunky rope chain or one that is more compact? Either a fashionable choker or a more traditional collar. 

Should Men Wear Gold Chains?

The short answer is that you can wear whatever you like. Over the centuries, men around the globe have worn gold chains. Some countries consider it part of their culture to have a gold necklace. This is a sign of wealth, status, and fame. With an increasing number of males wearing jewelry, it’s easy to fit in with the fashion.

Men’s jewelry made of gold is one of the most versatile and versatile. It can be used to complement almost any style or look. You might find it strange or even uncomfortable to wear a gold necklace if you have never done so. However, the right gold chains can become an everyday accessory that will enhance your overall appearance.

Understanding About Karats

It is essential to determine the purity of your gold chain before you buy gold jewelry. A karat number tells you how pure a gold chain is, with 24-karat being regarded as the highest.

The natural state of gold is soft and ductile. Even a slight force can cause it to crack. That’s why it’s so important to check the purity of the gold that you want to purchase. 14-carat is, for instance, 58.5% pure out of 24 parts and ten percent alloy or other metals. You will see that the karat of a gold chain is the most valuable.

A higher karat number doesn’t necessarily mean a better piece. The use of the gold necklace and how frequently you wear it will determine what your expectations are. 24-karat is less durable due to its high purity. You should only wear it on special occasions to avoid premature wear. Lower karat gold chains are stronger because they contain alloy, nickel, or other metals that add hardness to the precious metal.

How to Style a Gold Chain

Consider what you want your necklace to communicate about you. What style do you prefer? It’s amazing to see how jewelry can communicate your personality.

How striking would I like the chain to look?

  • Most men want a sophisticated, subtle appearance. A classic gold necklace that blends with their outfit would be the best choice.
  • But there are also some eye-catching, extravagant types of gold chains that grab attention and take center stage. These types of gold chains can be very extreme, and not everyone can do them.
  • You can layer other chains to add texture and movement. Chains can come in a variety of lengths and widths. You have the option to choose how many chains you wear. The ideal range is between 2 and 5, but you have the freedom to choose your own style.

It is important to take into account the shape and size of your face when choosing a golden chain. For round faces, longer V-shaped chains will work best. Conversely, for faces with narrower and more pointed chins, shorter chains or choker-style gold chains will be better.

Color matters too. Just because you are going for gold does not necessarily mean that it must be yellow gold, and a white or rose-gold chain might appeal to you more than the classic yellow.

How to Choose the Length of Your Chain?

Men’s silver chains can come in a variety of lengths, from 14-16 inches to over 30 inches. This is how these lengths are usually categorized:

  • A “choker” is typically a length of 14-18 inches. Depending on the width of your neck, even 18 inches may be too tight. The choker can be worn loosely around the neck or loosely. The choker’s length is almost always visible above the clothes. It can be used to express different styles based on its design.


  • Men’s gold chains are typically 20-24 inches long. 20 inches falls between the first and second buttons on a shirt. This length can be worn either inside or outside. Although 22″ and 24-inch are slightly lower down the chest, they look great both inside and out. These two lengths are often used to make dog tags, pendants, or crosses.


  • 26-28 inches are the most common lengths in the “bling-bling” category. These chains are designed to be worn on the outside edge of a shirt. They can have a large pendant such as a cross or can be worn all by themselves. These chains are intended to make a statement by attracting the eye.


How to Choose the Chains Thickness?

Men’s silver chains can be thicker than their length. There are many options for gold necklaces that range in width from 1 mm to 21mm (the width of an American quarter). As it is not uncommon for a 14-inch choker to have a width of 20mm or a length of 30 inches, the width and length of a necklace go hand in glove.

However, width is just as important as length in terms of expression and subtlety. Even if your necklace is hidden under your shirt, a too-wide chain will still be noticeable and draw people’s attention.

Men’s thick gold chains that measure more than 12mm in width are usually intended to stand out and impress. While chains that are 1-6mm wide are more personal and rarely seen, they are meant to be more individual. Depending on their design, the 6-10mm range can be used for either.

Types Of Gold Chains for Men

There are many choices when it comes to men’s gold chains. Many of these types work well for specific lengths or widths. Here are some of the most prominent and popular designs:

Ball Chains

This is the type of chain that’s used to attach a collar or dog tag. Ball chains are a durable and strong type of chain.

Cable Chains

Cable chains are both a common and classic design. They can vary in length and width and can be made to achieve different styles. Miami Cuban, another variation of the cable-chain, uses oval and round links, but twists them for an additional effect. Cuban chains make up the majority of hip-hop necklaces. While thinner chains look great with pendants, thicker ones can stand or hang alone.

Herringbone Chains

Due to its V-shaped links, this unique chain has a stunning liquid effect. This type of chain does not require a pendant and can be worn alone, and it is certainly a statement.

Franco Chains

Interweaving V-shaped links from up to four curb chains creates this Italian design. Franco chains are great as a statement piece because they can be worn by themselves.

Box Chains

Box chains are made of connected square links and look great with a pendant.

Rope Chains

Rope chains, one of the most well-known types of chain for men, can be styled in many ways. Rope chains are two twisting strands joined together to create the illusion of rope chains. The small oval links of rope are joined together in a way that gives them a strong but versatile look. You can also add a pendant to thin chains.

Figaro Chains

Figaro is a timeless type of men’s gold chain. It is durable and very eye-catching. Figaro links are oval or round in shape and can be made of either oval or round links. Typically, there are two to three links per link and one elongated oval.

Which Type Of Gold Should I Choose?

Many people are often surprised to discover that gold is available in many different colors and purity levels, which can impact your piece’s value.

Yellow gold is a classic choice and can be worn in a variety of styles. It is the preferred metal color for large, extravagant gold chains. You will see yellow gold chains around the necks and arms of Kanye West, Snoop Dog, and David Beckham (and others).

White gold is a more modern option. This gold chain is elegant and sophisticated, but it needs to be maintained because the Rhodium plating will wear away with time. Rose gold may be the best choice for you if you’re looking for something truly unique.

Karatage refers to gold purity levels, and chains are typically 9K-18K. The more durable and less expensive the gold content, it is. If you want to know why this is the case, check out our comprehensive article on gold.

If you are looking for something more economical, consider gold-plated chains or rolled golden chains. These have the same look and feel but don’t come at the same price. These aren’t as long-lasting as solid gold chains, but they do have an expiry date and can also flake or discolor with time.

Cleaning Your Gold Chain

Men’s jewelry made of gold is durable and should be maintained with care. You should conduct frequent cleanings and damage inspections, as well professional repairs when needed.

Cleaning is a complex process that requires multiple safety measures.

  • Before you do any cleaning, inspect the area for damage.
  • Take into account the type of gemstones and other materials found on the gold chains, especially if you have diamonds or cubic Zirconia. Some cleaning products that are fine for use with gold can cause damage to other materials.
  • You can use warm water with mild soap or a professional cleaning product like this. Try your cleaning solution on a small portion of the chain.
  • For 2-15 minutes, first, soak the chain in water. Use a soft toothbrush and gently brush every link. The chain can be placed in a strainer, and then rinsed. You should dry the whole thing with a soft cloth.
  • There are many proven ways to clean the chain at home from dirt or grime. Rubbing alcohol mixed 50/50 in warm tap water is another option. Ammonia Mixed with tap water is another good way to get rid of dirt. Additionally, you can buy specialized professional cleansing solutions from online jewelry shops. Another way to remove dirt from gold is to use beer-soaked cloth or toothpaste. Whatever method you choose, be sure to dry your gold chain well afterward.

Where To Buy A Men’s Gold Chain

Trustworthy vendors are important when it comes to purchasing important items like a real gold chain.



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