How To Choose The Best 14k Gold Earrings For You

We’ve all been there. While online shopping can be fun in many ways, it can be frustrating at times. It can be difficult to buy jewelry online. It can be difficult to determine what kind of jewelry you might like, especially earrings.

Each face is unique. Each person has a unique face. Some have big eyes, while others have a narrow jawline. Others have wide cheekbones and full cheeks. Your face should be highlighted by the earrings you choose. This article will help you choose the right earrings for your face.

It is best to avoid earrings that look similar to your face shape. There are exceptions!

Metal Karat – 10k, 14k, 18k, Or 24k Gold?

When buying gold stud earrings for a gift, keep your budget in mind. You should consider your budget when purchasing gold stud earrings as a gift. The more expensive jewelry is, the higher the karat. These earrings are made from 58.3% pure metal, making them less expensive than 18K-gold earrings made of 75% pure.

The more gold used in a setting, the more delicate and vulnerable the earrings. This is why 14K gold is often preferred. The 18K gold stud earrings have a more distinctive look due to their higher gold content.

24K gold is considered pure gold and therefore is not recommended for jewelry use. However, 10K is less than half the pure gold and may cause metal allergies. While pure gold and 10K gold may have their appeal, they will not make good quality stud earrings.

Find Earrings That Match Your Face Shape

Take a look at your face. Below is a photo of the main types of face shapes. Choose earrings that complement the features of your face.


Oval faces have foreheads as wide as their cheekbones. An oval face is narrower from the cheeks down to the chin. You will be happy if you have this face as you can wear any earring style. There are highlights too, such as the, e.g., These dangle earrings in oval shapes are striking! These earrings are striking because they draw attention to the oval-shaped face shape of the earrings without adding length or width.


Round faces have the broadest point across the cheekbones. They narrow at the forehead and jawline. For women with round faces, long earrings will be a great choice. To lengthen the face, dangle or teardrop earrings are a great choice. You’re better off choosing elegant, feminine designs than those with lots of details.


These faces have a larger forehead, and the cheeks taper to the chin. These are the perfect earrings. They have beautiful curves and lines and long earrings. They will balance the face and draw attention to the eyes and jawline.


Square faces are not much narrower from the cheekbone down to the jawline or from the cheekbone up to the forehead. Square-shaped faces can be matched with hoop earrings and danglers of long designs. Round designs will soften the jawline and cheekbones. Hoop earrings with large diameters are also an option.


The square faces are more oval-shaped than the rectangular. Long dangle earrings will reduce the length of your face. Long, dangle teardrop earrings with soft edges will highlight the cheekbones.

Select Earrings Based On Your Hair Color & Length

Gold earrings are a beautiful choice for blondes or those with golden hair. For dark-haired women, silver or platinum jewelry is better. Rose gold earrings are a stunning choice for red hair women.

You have options when it comes to earrings. Long earrings with sparkling accents are the best option for long hair.

Find Earrings That Match Your Style

Do you like feminine clothes and a romantic style? Choose earrings with curvy and rounded details if you are.

You can choose bold, urban-chic earrings with straight edges or geometric jewelry in rectangular, square, and triangular shapes.

Are you a creative type? You will love bright and sparkling dangles.

Do you prefer classics or timeless designs? You will love simple, minimalist-style hoops, pearl earrings, gold and silver pearl earrings, and diamond studs.

Natural types prefer simple and plain jewelry that is barely noticeable.

Skin Color Matching

Which season are you in?

Warm undertones (e.g., yellow or peach) indicate that you are either spring- or autumn type. Therefore, gold and copper metals will look the best on you.

You are either a winter or summer if you have pink undertones. You would look amazing in silver.

You will most likely choose different earrings for different occasions or outfits. You can rest assured that the earrings will make you look great if you stick to the basic rules.

Are Earrings A Good Gift?

Earrings are a great gift for any occasion. Earrings are a wonderful gift for someone in a new relationship, as they symbolize love and loyalty, but not the commitment that comes with an engagement ring.

Earrings make a great gift that the recipient will cherish forever. There are many options available, no matter your budget.

When Are 14k Gold Earrings The Right Choice?

Your choice of metal for jewelry should not only be based on its appearance but also its durability and cost. It is more affordable than platinum and 18K, which makes it an attractive choice for budget-minded people. 14K gold is great for engagement rings but also bracelets, pendants, earrings, promise rings, and other fine jewelry pieces.

Whatever color you choose for your jewelry, 14K Gold is a great choice. It can be worn every day and has a special meaning.


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