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How to Choose Gold Wedding Bands

A gold wedding band is a classic choice, much like a solitaire diamond engagement ring. As a symbol of eternal love and promise, gold bands have been worn on ring fingers and wedding sets for centuries. You can customize your classic wedding band with a range of styles, engravings, and etchings. This makes it a timeless choice for brides and grooms.

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For thousands of years, people have exchanged rings to show their love and devotion. But gold bands, which are arguably the most well-known band in history, found their niche in the Victorian era from 1830-1899. Catherine Thies says that the mass production of jewelry gained momentum during the Victorian period. It was cheaper and easier to make, using a lower percentage of gold (either 9 or 10 karats). Engagement rings and wedding bands became the norm at a wedding ceremony.

Wedding rings have been a symbol of love, loyalty, and faithfulness throughout history. This tradition dates back to ancient times and can be found in nearly every culture. Wedding rings are highly prized because they are considered sacred pieces of jewelry.

The approach to buying a wedding band is different from an engagement ring. The majority of couples purchase their wedding rings together, so there is no surprise. Both parties make rational and practical decisions. It is often the most important piece you will both buy together, and it is an expression of your love, style, and values.

We have a guide for you on the differences between engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding bands.

This article will focus on choosing the right wedding ring.

Karat or Carat

Let’s begin with the basics.

The term “karat” is a variant of the “carat,” which was originally used in Greco-Roman cultures. It is actually related to carob seeds, which are extremely uniform in weight.

The measurement of precious stones is done using a carat.

Karat refers to the percentage of gold used in wedding rings and jewelry.

Here’s the deal: The karat is the percentage of pure gold. 24K, also known as 24 Karat, is 99.9% pure Gold.

You can divide 8K by 24K to find out what 8K looks like.

8K is 33% Gold

10K is 41.6% of gold

14K is 58.3% of gold

18K is 75% Gold

In 26 years of jewelry making, I have only ever made a ring from pure 24K gold. This was in response to a special request. Pure gold is as soft as your fingernail.

Gold is often alloyed with other metals to make it suitable for a fifty-year marriage.

Alloys can make gold more difficult and transform yellow gold into rose gold or white gold. The alloys made of metals are usually less expensive than gold.

close up photography of silver-colored wedding rings on pink gerbera daisy flowerTherefore:

Rings are more expensive if they have a lower karat.

Choose Karat: 14K Gold Wedding rings vs. 18K Gold Wedding Bands

The majority of US wedding rings are either 14K, 18K, or a combination thereof. The most popular gold colors are yellow and white.

This is something you absolutely must know:

Choose 14K if you are looking for white or rose-colored gold. Because there is more alloy, you will see more of the rose or white color you desire. The ring will also be more durable and cheaper.

A 14K-gold wedding ring has other benefits than an 18K-gold ring. It is one stronger and two cheaper.

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Advantages Of An 18k Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

The most important characteristic of an 18K gold wedding band is its higher level of gold. The ring will be softer, richer, and more durable if it contains more gold.

For example, fine jewelry is 18K gold. Gold is a modern term that denotes prestige, value, and achievement.

This perception is used by some jewelers. They may offer 18K gold white gold wedding rings.

Here’s the catch: 18K gold isn’t considered white enough, so they are often plated in rhodium.

Rhodium plating isn’t durable for many years. Are you willing to keep a wedding band that needs maintenance?

Do not fall for it! A 14K gold ring will last a lifetime and be more durable than a white gold ring.

What’s The Difference Between 18k And 14k Wedding Rings? What Is The Bottom Line?

Your decision must take into account price, metal color, hardness, personal preference, and other factors.

I don’t recommend 18K rose or white gold. If you really want one of these colors, then go with 14K.

But, 18K yellow gold is my preference. The 18K is a beautiful color if you have the means to afford it and are not engaged in any kind of rough work.

You can also make a two-tone ring by mixing metals and carats to create an element that is more design.

What are alloys, and how do they make a ring 14K or 18K gold?

The gold alloy chart from Wikipedia illustrates how different metals, such as silver and copper in different combinations, affect the color of gold. Other alloys can be used to highlight certain properties of the metal in jewelry fabrication.

  • 14K yellow gold typically contains 58.3% of gold, 31.2% copper, and 6.3% zinc.
  • 18K yellow gold typically contains 75% gold, 16% gold, and 9% copper.

Some gold supply houses use their own proprietary mixes to create unique colors for their brands.

Nickel, palladium, and platinum are also used in the alloying of white gold.

Allergy To Gold Wedding Rings

Gold is not an allergy. It is, therefore, a very human-friendly metal. Some people may be allergic to certain alloys in gold wedding rings.

People can have allergic reactions to white-gold wedding rings due to the way white gold is alloyed. Because I have sold wedding rings less than five times in 26 years as a jeweler, I can only say that I have had nickel allergies.

Nickel is used primarily for whiteness in the United States. Nickel is banned in the EU. Instead, it is palladium, a member of the platinum family.

Palladium costs about the same as gold, so palladium white is more expensive.

But you may still experience skin irritation from wearing gold wedding bands or any other ring.

  1. Wedding Rings Causes Rashes

Too tight-fitting wedding rings can cause skin irritation.

Upsize the ring if it is too tight.

Sometimes, Gold wedding bands with diamonds and any gemstones can cause skin rashes. This is because bacteria can grow in the tiny holes drilled through the metal beneath the gemstone.

Cleaning your ring is the best choice in this instance.

These skin irritations can often be treated by allowing your skin to heal and breathe.

Men’s gold wedding bands vs. women’s gold wedding bands

The first disclaimer is This is up to you and your ring.

These guidelines are based on the things we see most often.

For two reasons, men’s marriage rings are usually wider than those of women . 2 Women often wear their wedding ring and engagement ring on the same hand, so they need to be both thin.

Over the last 26 years, we have found that men’s wedding bands are typically between 5 and 8mm wide. With the exception of comfort-fit wedding bands, few men choose less than 5mm.

Traditionally, men don’t wear a wedding ring and an engagement ring together. But men’s engagement rings have become more popular.

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The Pros And Cons Of Gold Bands

Gold is versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit, just like a little black dress. Thies states that almost every gemstone looks great when paired with a traditional gold band. A classic gold band is a great alternative to wearing alone when traveling or when you have a soft gemstone engagement ring such as opal, morganite, or emerald. These gemstones are susceptible to damage due to their weak strength. A gold band that you can wear every day is the best solution.

Thies claims that there are many settings styles that work with the classic gold band. She calls it a “staple piece in any collection.” So the possibilities are endless for creating your own ring stack.

If you are intrigued by the idea of wearing a vintage band, here are some details to consider. She says, “You want them to last for everyday wear.” You should look out for signs of deterioration. Thinning and pitting are two signs that the gold has begun to deteriorate. Thin, worn bands may crack or break.

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What To Look For In A Gold Band

  • Which kind of gold should you choose? Thies says that 14K is considered the American standard for gold while 18K is considered the European standard. She says that 18K yellow gold is richer in color and has a higher percentage of gold. Thies recommends that you choose 14K or 18K gold for an everyday ring.
  • Should I buy a hollow or solid gold band? A durable piece that lasts forever is best when made of solid gold. Thies advises that you make sure the gold band you are looking for is solid and not hollow. Quality will also be determined by the purity of the gold.
  • What is the cost of a 14K gold ring? The price for a quality 14K gold yellow band starts at $400. Prices will vary depending on their width and size. However, you can find options that will suit your budget online and in-store. If you are interested in a classic gold band at a very affordable price point, there are many direct-to-consumer jewelry websites.
  • Are traditional gold rings gender-neutral? Classic, unisex gold bands can be worn in many ways and can even be resized to fit smaller sizes if they are men-sized rings. You can create a wedding set that fits your style or play with new trends using their versatility.
  • Which engagement rings are best paired with gold bands? Thies says that there is a growing trend for wider wedding bands made of gold. This can be paired with traditional-style engagement rings, such as a 5mm men’s band with a traditional solitaire. It is unique and unexpected. A unique pairing is a favorite of ours!

How To Care For A Gold Band

It is durable and won’t tarnish, making gold a great choice for anyone. Although your gold band can be worn every day, Thies suggests that you remove any gemstone rings prior to working out, gardening, or the like. You can clean your gold band by washing it with warm water and gentle dish soap. This is a great option, especially if your ring needs to be worn constantly and you don’t want it to need daily maintenance.



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