How To Choose A White Gold Chain

Most people find it easy to buy a gold chain online. This is until you end up spending PS100 on a cheap, gold-plated necklace that doesn’t look like the one you wanted.

If you don’t have the money to spend, buying your first online gold chain should be a process that involves a lot of research and careful consideration. It’s not ideal to spend hundreds, if certainly not thousands of pounds, on jewelry only to discover that it is not what you wanted, particularly if the retailer does not offer a return policy.

Your options will be greatly affected by everything, from the thickness of your chain to your choice of metal. This blog will discuss some of the most important things you should consider when looking for the perfect gold chain.

What Is A White Gold Chain Made Of?

White Gold is a combination of pure yellow and gold to make a stronger, whiter metal. At 24k purity, gold is too soft to be used in jewelry.

The yellow color is diluted by adding silver or zinc, nickel, and palladium to the gold. This creates a silvery tone. The blended metal alloy still has some yellow streaks, so it is best to thinly coat it with rhodium. This makes silver shine and is more prominent.

White gold is loved for its similarity to platinum and its affordability. White gold can be found in either the 14k or 18k grades. The 14k gold is more durable than 18k, but it is less soft than platinum.

Buying A White Gold Chain: Selecting The Karat

In white gold chains, the meaning of karats is the same as in yellow gold jewelry. The higher the number, the more gold it contains relative to other metals.

A 14-karat white-gold chain would contain approximately 58% pure metal (14 times the maximum 24 karats), and a 14-karat yellow-gold necklace, about 58%.

Because pure gold is very malleable, it’s generally easier to increase the karat of your chains.

Rhodium plating in white gold compensates for this softness by making the surface of the chain a little harder than a similar piece of yellow gold.

However, a white-gold chain made from higher-karat gold will still be more flexible than one made from lower-karat material.

Does The Chain Contain Nickel?

Nickel is used in white-gold jewelry for some people who are allergic.

Although the rhodium plating on your chain will protect your skin in the event that the underlying material contains any nickel, it is possible to get a rash if the plating begins to wear off and the exposed white-gold alloy touches your skin.

If you have an allergy to nickel, you should look for white gold chains that are certified nickel-free.

Should Your White Gold Chain Be Solid Or Hollow?

These chains in hollow white gold are light and inexpensive. These necklaces can be damaged easily because they are lighter than solid pieces.

A hollow chain can easily be damaged or dented. A solid white gold chain is a better choice if durability is your concern.

Choose A Link Type For Your Chain.

Consider the possibility of your white gold chain catching on clothes or hair if you choose a link type.

The herringbone, snake, and omega chains are more susceptible to twisting. These kinks can be very difficult to fix without removing the links from the necklace.

The curb chain and the wheat chain are good choices for chain links. These links are flexible and difficult to break.

Curb – When laid flat, the links of a curb chain interlock. This type of chain is the most versatile.

Figaro In this design, a series of standard links (usually three) precedes an elongated hyperlink all the way.

Rope These ropes have an intertwining feature that is designed to look like a string. There are two types of rope chains: one is a straight rope (delicate), and the other is a twisted rope (stronger).

Rolo – The links in a Rolo chain are often identical and sometimes round.

Wheat –When oval links and twisted oval links are intertwined. This creates a complex chain with lots of visual textures. This is also known as a wheat chain or Spiga.

Snake –This design is made up of a tightly-linked chain with a square or round cross-section and links that create a slight, zigzag-like look. They have a wonderful smooth effect but are susceptible to catching on clothes and twisting or kinking.

Box- A box chain is composed of square links connected together to form a smooth chain.

Do Not Forget The Clasp.

It is important to choose the right clasp for your white-gold chain. A bad clasp could easily open or break, leading you to lose all your jewelry.

The lobster clasp is a great choice. It does not open by itself, and it has a strong body.

Although spring-loaded clasps are more popular than round ones, they are less likely to break or open by accident.

How Thick Should Your White Gold Chain Be?

While the thickness of your white-gold chain will depend on personal preference, there are some factors you should consider.

First, ensure that your pendant is strong enough to support the extra weight. Otherwise, it could kink and break.

Consider also that thinner chains are more difficult to twist and become tangled.

The Pros And Cons Of White Gold Chain


  • White gold is very versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, including platinum, silver, and titanium rings. This color is universally loved by both men and women.
  • This metal is perfect for setting diamonds and other clear crystals. The gems sparkle brighter than others.
  • It is cheaper than platinum-like metals.
  • White gold is gaining popularity. This has led to the mass production of white gold bridal rings. You can choose from more designs in white gold.


  • You will see a gradual erosion of the rhodium plating in white gold rings. To keep it looking shiny and new, you will need to schedule periodic rhodium coatings.
  • Your ring will eventually turn yellow because white gold has some reinforcement coating.
  • Because white gold contains nickel in its compounds, it is not hypoallergenic.

White Gold Vs. Silver Chain     

It can be confusing to choose between two similar-looking silver-colored chains. This sounds familiar? Continue reading to learn more about these popular metals.

There are many options for chain lengths and styles. These properties, along with your reason for purchasing them and your budget, should help you to make a decision about buying a chain.

They are available in many colors, but the most popular is the silver-colored chain. This is because they are elegant, sophisticated, and versatile. It is therefore important to know the characteristics of the metal you are considering investing in.


Jewelers recognize that chains are not a man’s exclusive and have made them a common accessory.

These are the perfect accessory for your collection.

They can be used for casual or formal occasions and are suitable for both males and women, young and old.



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