Here Are Some Things To Know Before You Buy A Gold Watch

You may have always longed to own a gold watch, but you’ll soon find out that they can be quite expensive. We asked an expert to help us decide if it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on a piece that will last a lifetime in our jewelry box and on our wrists.

Associate specialist Rebecca Ross, who comes from Christie’s Auction House’s watch department, which is a company that’s known for hunting down the most valuable and rare timepieces, advised us that there are some key guidelines for luxury watches.

“Most of the best-known brands’ gold watches are made in 18kt gold, and they still are. She says that 14kt gold has been a popular choice in recent years. “I recommend being aware of any gold markings on the watch case as well as any other stamps.

Ross loves Rolex, Omega, and Oris gold watches. These are some of her favorite brands. She says that her favorite place to shop is vintage shops with quirky and mysterious designs. “While I spend most of my time in New York City, the best shopping experiences are found in smaller cities around the globe.”

However, a passport and thousands of dollars are not essential to own a watch that you love. Ross says, “It’s cliché, but I always recommend to my clients that they choose what speaks to them most.” A watch is more than a piece of jewelry, it’s something that you’ll want to wear and cherish for many years to come.

We did our own research and consulted Ross for guidance. 11 styles of gold watches were found that may just be the right one for you. While many people follow Ross’s recommendations regarding brands and karats, there are plenty of affordable options that will still feel special. Continue scrolling to find out more.

Here Are Six Rules For Wearing Gold Watches

There are many fads and faux pas in the world of fashion, as well as rich fools in business. Watches are no exception. There are rules that dictate what and when to wear them. But don’t worry. Let us break it down. The first on the block: How to wear a watch made of gold.

Plates, Roses, And Karats – Understand Your Terms.

All gold is not created equal. It’s important that you know what kind of gold you are getting. The purity of gold can be measured in karats. 24 karat is pure gold. Because it is so soft, brands tend to choose a stronger 18-karat option. You should also know that gold can come in many colors. White gold is similar to steel, yellow is the traditional color of gold, and rose, pink, or red gold are golds that have been mixed with copper, giving it a reddish hue. Many brands also have their own golds like Everose (Rolex), King Gold (Hublot), and Sedna [Omega]. If you don’t have the funds to buy solid gold, a gold plate may be your best choice. Although the plate contains gold, it is usually only a few microns thick. This means that it can wear down over time or reveal the base metal underneath if scratched.

Treat It Like Butter.

You might recall Year 8 science. You’ll be able to recognize that gold is a dense and heavy metal, but it is also known for its softness. This softness is part and parcel of gold’s appeal. It will be softer if it has a higher purity (24 karat is the purest, but we’ll get to that later). This means that you will scratch your solid gold watch if you combine it with any other bracelets (gold, steel, stones–whatever).

Mixed Metals

Many legacies of the ’80s are nuclear winter, double jeans, and two-tone watches. Two-Tone is infamous for its brash combination of polished steel, polished yellow gold, and a look that exudes excess. Many of us can still remember these crimes. Although it took decades for the watch industry to safely revisit two-tone watches, examples such as this Sedna (a proprietary golden blend), titanium, and ceramic Speedmaster from Omega might make it possible.

Practice Stealth Wealth.

A watch made from solid yellow or rose gold can make a statement. You don’t need this much bling if you prefer the luxurious feeling that comes with watches made from large amounts of precious metals like the Rolex Skydweller white gold. At first glance, white gold appears like steel. However, a closer inspection will reveal its heavier weight and captivating lustre.

Make It Look Good.

Some exceptions are notable (Calibre de Cartier Diver pink gold), but most gold tool watches are meant to be used as tools. Stick to steel if it’s meant for diving or work. If you have a solid-gold dressy diver, don’t wear it with a wetsuit and definitely not crocs. Gold is a precious metal that deserves respect. Keep it professional, guys.

Learn More About Its Origins.

It is sad to say that gold mining can have devastating social and environmental consequences. It’s great to see Chopard adopt ethically sourced gold through Fairmined, a gold standard that ensures fair treatment of the people who mine it and the communities it comes from.

Get Comfortable With A Gold Watch

If you are looking for a full-gold watch, it is important to choose whether you would like a watch in yellow (or red), or white gold. Due to its soft nature, gold is more susceptible to scratches than titanium or stainless steel. These scratches can easily be removed with a little elbow grease. You can have your watch back in its original condition if things get very bad. It’s more complicated with stainless steel. Laser welding is possible, but at what price.

Expect to get some compliments on your gold watch. But, they will be mostly positive. Even though people may think that a gold watch looks tacky, I find that they actually love them once they have it in their hands. Even if they don’t say it loudly, their reactions are more important than their words.

You will find something in gold, with a low watermark, in most price ranges. This is especially true if you’re willing to go vintage. Although I would not recommend that gold be filled or plated, I know of colleagues who have no problems with this option. I prefer a solid-gold vintage watch or at the very least a gold-capped one. It is slightly different from newer watches. Bi-color isn’t used to pretend that a watch is made from full gold. It is more about the particular appearance. There are plenty of combinations that you can like, such as stainless steel and gold or ceramics and golden, to choose from.

Full gold is a respected choice for dress watches (think Calatrava or Day-Date), but it’s still a hot topic for sports watches. A gold watch should be comfortable, and it doesn’t need to be worn all day. However, it shouldn’t be a queen-sized watch. You should make sure it gets enough to wear.



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