A Man’s Guide on Wearing Gold Necklaces

You can find everything you need, no matter what length you are looking for. Find out how to choose the right length chain and how to wear your dog tags without being arrested.

Men’s necklaces, from Jay-Z’s $200,000 Cuban chain and the eagle teeth of the Neanderthals, are here to stay. It would be best if you chose a necklace that tells your story, regardless of what type you are after. An accessory can do more than look great, and it can symbolize your journey, an adventure or remind you of some time or place. What story will yours tell us?

Why Wear Gold Chains?

A gold chain can make casual wear more interesting and stylish.

A pair of jeans with a graphic tee and some gold chains will add a touch of class to your outfit. They are also practical and well worth the investment.

Gold chains are a hot topic with celebrities such as Pharrell Williams and David Beckham.

They look great on anyone, regardless of their style or personality.

Understanding About Karats

When buying gold jewelry, it is important to understand the purity of a chain of gold. The karat number is a measure of the purity of a chain made from gold, with 24-karat being considered the most expensive.

In its natural state, gold is soft and ductile. It can also be easily dented with a little force. This is why it is important to verify the purity of any gold you intend to buy. The purity of 14-carat gold, for example, is 58.5% pure from 24 and 10 parts alloyed with other metals. This measurement will show you that a gold chain with a higher karat is more valuable.

Remember that a gold chain with a higher karat does not always mean a better piece. It all depends on what you intend to do with the gold chain and how often. Because 24-karat gold has a lower level of purity than other gold, it is easier to wear. Because of the inclusion of alloy, nickel and other metals to harden the gold, lower karat chains are more durable.

How To Choose The Best Gold Chains For Men

There are some things you should consider when buying a gold chain for your accessories. Here are some of these.

Know Your Gold

It is important to choose the right gold color and karat when choosing gold chains.

Gold isn’t only available in yellow; it can also be found in rose, black, and sometimes green. For men’s necklaces, the most popular colors are white and yellow.

Yellow gold adds a pop of color, but white gold can enhance the elegance of your navy blues or grays. Black gold chains are a masculine option that will give you a more sophisticated and masculine look.

The karat of your chain’s durability is determined by its karat. If you are sensitive to metal, you should stick with higher karats such as 14k, 16k or 18k. They won’t react to your skin, even if they’re worn constantly.

Remember that the higher the number of karats, the greater the gold content and the more expensive it will be.

Select The Correct Type Of Chain.

You can experiment with your style by starting with a simple gold chain. Different designs may draw more attention than what you are comfortable with.

Your personal style and personality can be reflected in the type of chain that you choose. Men’s necklaces are meant to complement your outfit, not be the focal point of your look.

Sleek Chains: Omega chains, Box chains, Snake chains, Herringbone chains

Keep your necklace simple when in doubt. These chains can be great conversation pieces, but they can also overpower your style, depending on how big they are. The omega and herringbone chains are made with links and have a flat look. A snake chain is a tube-shaped design with subtle zigzag patterns. A box chain, on the other hand, has a four-sided design and consists of square links.

Classic Chains: Rolo chain, Cable chain, Curb or Cuban chain, Singapore chain, Marine chain, Figaro chain

These are the most popular types of men’s neckties and the ones that you picture when you think about “chains.”

Rolo and cable chains look very similar, as they are made of interlocking circles links. However, the former can be sized differently. These chains can be worn with pendants.

Marine chains can be interlocked or laid flat. However, they are made of oval links with horizontal bars in between. It is actually similar to the anchor chain on a ship’s anchor, hence its name.

Both curb and Figaro chains feature interlocking flat links. However, the Figaro chain forms a pattern and alternates between a rectangular and circular link. These chains are worn by rappers to show off their wealth.

A Singapore chain, also known as a twisted curb chain, is made up of twisted links, and it is often worn with a pendant.

Textural Chains: Bead chain, Popcorn chain, Wheat chain, Rope chain    

These necklaces can be worn with or without pendants. They add texture and dimension to your overall appearance. A beaded necklace is often used in conjunction with dog tag necklaces. It is made of ball-shaped links that are joined by short lengths of wire.

A popcorn chain is made from lightweight, convex links and has a puffed appearance. Both the rope and wheat chains look very similar. The rope chain has twisted links that resemble a rope, while the wheat chain is made of oval links that resemble wheat stalks.

Take Into Account The Chain Length

You can choose from a range of lengths for men’s gold chains, ranging in length from 14 inches to 30 inches, depending on your style. You can actually layer multiple chains simultaneously by using different lengths.

Choose between 14 and 18 inches for a choker-style necklace. This length is perfect for more formal items such as a shirt or sweater. It will also suit casual pieces like a tee, sweater, turtleneck, jacket, or other casual clothing.

Choose between 20 and 24 inches for mid-length chains. These chains, which are often unadorned, fall around your neck or above your sternum. These necklaces look great with an open collar shirt or outside shirt. They also look great with a simple t-shirt with a crew neckline or V neckline.

Chain necklaces with pendants such as crosses and dog tags should be between 22-24 inches. These lengths of chain can be used to lengthen the neck and draw attention to your large chest. Layer your chains with 22-inch or 24-inch chains to add some style to your everyday T-shirt.

You can choose 25- to 30-inch chains in punk or rocker styles. These necklaces can be worn without a shirt and make a bold statement. These necklaces will give you a hip-hop, edgier look for a night out.

Select The Right Thickness For Chains

The durability and style of your chain can be affected by its thickness. However, the width of your chain will also affect how subtle or bold it will appear. Technically speaking, the chain can be made from 1mm to 21mm, depending on what look you want.

Choose between 1mm and 6mm if you want your gold chains to be subtle but still look professional for formal events.

You can wear your gold chains with casual clothes by choosing between 6mm and 10mm. This is the medium-width range of men’s necklaces.

You can make a bold statement with a range of 12mm to 21mm chains. These are the chains that rockers and hip-hop artists wear.

The width of your chain should be proportional to its length. You don’t want a choker necklace that is too long or wide.

Style It To Fit Your Style

It all comes down to your personal style and preferences when it comes to choosing a gold chain design. A simple necklace can be your signature piece of jewelry, and it can be worn with casual shirts and button-down shirts. Simple chains such as cord and ball chains will not overpower your 9-to-5 style but can be used to enhance your style.

While some gold chains, such as Herringbone and Figaro, are bold enough on their own, they can also look great paired with a pendant. A choker necklace is great for casual outfits such as a white tee paired with a denim jacket or leather jacket. Long, thick, gold chains can be more difficult to wear, but they’re great if you like wearing unusual styles.

Black gold and white gold can be worn with any color and will not clash with other colors. However, you should wear yellow gold chains with earth tones, such as browns, reds, oranges, yellows, greens as well as grays or blacks.

Matching your accessories creates a cohesive look. A yellow gold necklace can look striking but will not match a silver watch unless you want that look.

Make It Personal And Unique.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing gold chains for sentimental, functional, or decorative reasons, and it should feel personal and comfortable for you. Here are some suggestions:

  1. With or with a pendant – A classic but cool look can be achieved by choosing a stylish chain. A pendant can add some personality and personalization to the look.
  2. Starting small: You don’t have to wear a necklace every day. This can be paired with a meaningful pendant such as a religious symbol or symbol that is important to you.
  3. Dog tags Make your gold chain more personal by adding a dog tag to it. You can personalize it with a favorite quote or just include your name and information. This makes jewelry more personal than an accessory.

Regardless of your personal style or preferences, your gold chain should reflect your character and complement your style.



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